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Sports Medicine & Injury Therapy

When you work hard and play hard, you need to recover well. As an athlete, even minor injuries can become major problems if you don’t proactively seek sports medicine and injury therapy. Sports and exercise medicine is the right course of treatment for: Overuse injuries, Muscle tears, Tendon and ligament sprains, Knee, ankle or foot injuries, Shoulder injuries, Tennis elbow, Hand and wrist pain.

The repetitive motions integral to success in sports can result in soft tissue damage. Whether you have a specific injury or chronic complaint, we can help.

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Whether you currently play sports or have lingering injuries, sports medicine has a toolkit of treatment options that can ease your aches and pains. Our specialists in sports medicine know how to restore function through physical therapy and chiropractic care. We can address most of your injuries so that they don’t require surgery. We see injuries all of the time, from dislocations to shin splints, that can take a great athlete down. You don’t have to live in pain and you shouldn’t fight through the discomfort. When your body is trying to tell you to get help, do it.

The health of muscles, bones, and the joints that connect them are all part of our sports medicine practice. Joint pain is something many athletes have in common. This can commonly occur in the joints that are taxed by repetitive movements and high impact. Pain may persist in the: Hips, Knees, Elbows, Wrists, Ankles.

If you have joint pain from playing sports, it’s important that you get this treated before it becomes worse. Bone loss and other deteriorating dynamics that occur with age can exacerbate this kind of pain. Don’t wait until it’s unbearable!

Chronic pain can be experienced by any kind of athlete. From tennis players to bodybuilders, we treat all kinds of people to address these specific soft tissue injuries and muscular pain. Our therapies include a variety of approaches to target your specific needs. These include: Stretches, Chiropractic adjustments, Electric muscle stimulation, Massage therapy, Spinal decompression therapy, Physical rehabilitation.

Sports injuries can bring on a wide variety of discomfort. Even beyond the injury itself, compensating muscle groups that step up to the plate can be taxed and even damaged. If you’ve been injured playing sports, you don’t need to shake it off: you need to get the right treatment to secure your ability to play. Here are some of the signs that you may need treatment. The acute and persistent symptoms of a sports injury could include: Severe pain, Numbness, Inability to bear weight, Swelling, Throbbing pain. Broken bones, torn tissue, and even muscular injury can result in chronic pain. If you’ve suffered a sports injury, you need to seek qualified care. Select Spine & Sports has an expert staff that is able to diagnose and treat your pain.

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