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Welcome to Clear Creek Chiropractic Center

The Clear Creek Chiropractic Center was founded on the principle of putting the patient first with the intention of removing all forms of back and spinal pain. Let us help you return to a lifestyle without pain.

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We offer a multitude of Chiropractic Services

We aim to provide you with gentle adjustments that will deter you from surgery or traditional medicine. Let us bring you the comfort and strength you deserve, and relieve you from all forms of back and spinal pain. Contact us today.

Spinal Decompression Therapy
A nonsurgical motorized traction method to help alleviate bulging or herniated discs by gently stretching the spine.
Cupping Therapy
A reverse massage to help bring release any blockages in the muscles.
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Restore your life from any current disabilities or physical impairments.
Chiropractic Care
Our Chiropractors are highly specialized in locating back and spinal pain, and will provide the best nonsurgical solutions for treating various types of pain.
Sports Medicine & Injury Therapy
Let us get you back in the game by facilitating injury rehabilitation and methods to avoid future back and spinal trauma.
Electric Muscle Stimulation
Electric stimulation of the muscles to help relax and rehabilitate injured points of discomfort.

Some reviews from our clients

I just had my first adjustment about four hours ago, and I have to say, I feel fantastic! I just got up during a commercial and realized my pain is gone! I had to concentrate on it to find it, and even then, it doesn't hurt like it always does. I may be sore tomorrow but this feeling is amazing!

Sonjay Thomas

I’ve honestly can say that ever since my first visit about two months ago up until now I’ve came along way with the help of the Clear Creek Chiropractor staff. I HIGHLY recommend that if you are experiencing any type of back pain or have been involved in a car wreck, this is the right place to go. Staff is always welcoming and super nice!!! I’ve found my chiropractor. Come find yours at Clear Creek Chiropractors Center!!

Oscar Castro

Best and most consistent adjustments I have ever had. Bad neck pain went away completely after only 1 month of visits. I’m 6’5” and finding a chiropractor that can consistently adjust me has always been hit or miss. If your a person that has also had trouble finding good strong consistent adjustments, look no further than Clear Creek Chiropractic Center.

Blaine Harvey

My initial visit was on 7/16/19. Dr. Robinson was very attentive and made me feel comfortable and at ease. He really took the time to listen to my pain issues and evaluate my condition. With the sea of chiropractic providers available, the level of care here really stands out. Seriously good care and service!

Guy Mango

I have been hurting on my left hip almost two month. Recently I found out that I am pregnant and most of my friends kept saying it is normal but when the pain became excruciating it was not normal to me. I couldn’t sleep at night, every time I walked I felt a sharpe pull on my hip and it would start to hurt. I researched and looked for solutions every where until I found Clear Creek Chiropractor, I called and they took me in right away.Dr. Robinson is God Send for me. They not only took care of the pain also made it go away with in 3 days!!! Yes! Miracle do happen and his doctor is so especial. I can’t not Thank them enough. They are affordable and treat you like a family. I recommend them to everyone and I am going to keep continue my therapy until the baby is born. Simply amazing.

Samiara Prince

I was introduced to chiropractic care 3 years ago after a car accident. Then I kept a running monthly appointment after I was well. I was skeptical at first but relief changed my mind. This time, after weeks of using a hot pad to ease what I thought was a muscle strain in my back, I saw my chiropractor who diagnosed a bulging disk. I’m in my second month of treatment and I’m stringing together more good days than bad. Truly grateful! I’ve got my life back!

Debra Terry
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With over a decade of experience, let the Clear Creek Chiropractic Center relieve you from back and spinal pain, and restore your lifestyle.

Louie Robinson

Doctor of Chiropractic, CES

Francisco Flores

Managing Partner