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Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Maybe you have muscle pain, spasms or even inflammation. If you do, electrical muscle stimulation could be the answer. Electrical muscle stimulation provides relief through small, electrical impulses. After you have this treatment, you will feel noticeably relaxed. Soreness and irritation will be reduced. This is a great option for: Back pain, Pain after surgery, Muscle weakness, Poor motor control, Bursitis, or Tendonitis. This is a passive form of treatment, which means that the patient is not actively involved. Estim is a common component of physical medicine. You may receive this treatment in conjunction with other treatments, or on its own. If you are suffering from chronic pain, in physical recovery or have a condition that impacts your joints or tendons, this form of therapy can be an effective solution.

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Electrical muscle stimulation is also known as EMS, estim, electromyostimulation and neuromuscular electrical stimulation. When you look for “electrical muscle stimulation” near me, you are looking for any of these treatments. While they are varied, the basic procedure is the same.

Small pads are attached to the muscles being treated. These are connected to a device that sends small, electric pulses. The muscles are stimulated by these pulses. The intensity is controlled by a qualified care provider. You will only receive treatment at the right level and duration for your condition and body. Estim is a treatment with many benefits. These include: Reduce swelling and inflammation, Accelerate healing, Increase circulation, Reduce pain, Restores muscular function and strength, Prevents muscle atrophy, Reduces muscle spasms.

There are a few different approaches to electrical stimulation. These approaches may be utilized during your course of treatment, at the discretion of one of our qualified doctors. The approaches at our practice all utilize a similar machine. The treatment varies in terms of: Duration of pulses, Pattern of pulses, Placement of pads, Muscle contractions and releases, Intensity of electrical stimulation.

You will always be completely safe and should not be in pain during this therapy. It is likely that you will immediately feel relief, which will continue as you keep attending treatment sessions.

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